AJAX Starterkit Cam White

Ajax Starterkit Cam wit, hub 2 met IP en 2 x GSM 2G/3G/4G, Motioncam, Doorprotect, Spacecontrol.

AJAX StarterKit Cam

Security system with visual alarm verifications

When alarm is triggered, AJAX StarterKit Cam notifies you and security company of your choice. Within less than 9 second you will receive a photo confirmation to take a look at what is going on in your house and decide if it was just a false alarm or you are actually getting robbed.

  • Link your AJAX System with security company to send notifications
  • Setup scenarios for your convenience and daily routine
  • Three different communication types to stay online
  • Short videos to get better understanding of what is going on when alarm is triggered

All of the activation, setup and other manipulations with your system can be done with just a smartphone app, no need for qualified installers or many hours spent to research. You just press add, scan QR code and you are ready to go. In case of power loss, Hub remain acive for some time due to built-in backup battery and can send notification without internet thanks to 2 SIM cards that he can maintain.

AJAX StarterKit Cam includes:




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AJAX Starterkit Cam White

AJAX Starterkit Cam White

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